The Singer Family Fund For Lupus Research at the Montreal General Hospital was created by two incredible people, Rita and Ronald Singer in the year 2000 as an initiative to support the McGill University Health Centre Lupus Clinic (at the Montreal General Hospital). The Singers were intimately familiar with the lupus clinic at the time of the Fund’s inception. Their daughter had been diagnosed with lupus some 15 years earlier at this very clinic, and had been receiving complete, compassionate and effective life sustaining care during this time. Understanding the challenges of continued care for people living with lupus, the Singer Family wanted to give back to this team, particularly in a time of crisis in health care funding. To the Singer family and many other lupus patients, it was critical that the dedicated physicians and staff had access to the resources required to maintain the standard of care and level of research performed at the clinic. 

The MUHC Lupus Clinic recognizes dedicated staff and fundraisers..see our latest article in the MUCH newsletter E en Bref Issue of 2013-01-24 on our Media - Articles page. Congratulations to The Shoubs, The Singers, Michele Tobaly and staff and volunteers for making this clinic the success that it is.

 Visit to read the article ' The Lupus Clinic recognizes dedicated staff and fundraisers' - online now!

  The Spring Fundraising Bazaar 


We could use your help! If  you would like to volunteer, please contact Michele Tobaly at the Lupus Clinic. We will welcome you on our team - it's lots of fun and for a great cause!  

What makes this fund so successful? Each year, Ron and Rita do a direct mail campaign. The Montreal General Hospital Foundation, in full support of this fundraising initiative, matches all contributions made to this fund. Another reason for it's success? Donations can be made online and go directly to the Singer Family Fund. Simply write 'Singer Lupus Fund ' in the 'other' box when asked where you would like to designate your donation. Get great bonuses on the site with no account casino. Limited offer.

The Montreal General Hospital Lupus Clinic team have a night out to see Shiong-En Chan's one-woman performance at the Montreal Fringe Festival (with Shiong-En and Wendy Singer) 


Written by Shiong-En Chan, Directed by Jeremy Taylor

at the St. Ambroise Fringe Festival of Montreal

Congratulation Shiong-En for a magnificent performance. See our blog to learn more about this revealing work of art.

Room 1506. Four patients meet at the crossroads between life and death. Three old men, one young woman: Each must let go, but at what cost? An intimate story from the diaries of performer Shiong-En Chan (Lion in the Streets) and directed by Jeremy Taylor (My Pregnant Brother). 

The Singer Family Fund For Lupus Research continues to support the clinical and research needs of the Lupus Clinic at the MUHC, and has seen the physicians accomplish extraordinary goals in this time. Funds raised allow Dr. Ann Clarke and Dr. Christian Pineau, directors of the Lupus Clinic, to continue their work in research, patient care and treatment. Their research projects include original studies generated at the MGH and projects developed in other parts of the world, enabling them to be involved in cutting edge international research. In addition, the fund is there to assist the department in bringing on talented researchers, such as Dr. Sasha Bernatsky and provide limited funds for things such as the Sally Drummond Lecture and snacks for patients during clinic day. The Montreal General Hospital Foundation, in full support of this fundraising initiative, matches all contributions made to the fund.

 'Cupcakes by Sylvie'

Sylvie designed cupcakes with the lupus emblem, the butterfly.



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