3rd Annual Midi Musicale

A lunchtime concert at the MGH in Livingston Hall. Our very own talented McGill staff and residents will be featured once again. A light lunch is offered and door prizes are to be won. An hour of great entertainment in the middle of a busy day! 


We look forward to seeing you there.

 Michele Tobaly once again did an outstanding job organizing this event, recruiting a group of talented artists affiliated with the MGH. Below is an article that was posted in the MUHC online newsletter:

    E-En Bref, Issue of 2009-11-06

    Message from Dr Porter

    An Eventful Week

    The Midi-Musical II Concert for Lupus is a personal thing 
    The second edition of the Midi-Musical fundraising concert organised by the MUHC Lupus Clinic to support lupus research was held Friday 30 October 2009. The remarkable thing is that all performers sharing their musical talent in these Midi-Musicals are also the researchers who are trying to elucidate the lupus mystery. 

    The MC Julian Hecht has a daughter who is a patient at the MUHC’s Lupus Clinic. “I realised that the MUHC is an amazing community; but the lupus clinic is this really cool family,” shares Julian. 

    How much do they plan to raise this year? “Not enough,” responds Julian, “we always need more.” 

    This year’s Midi Musical II at the MGH’s Livingston Hall hosted Danielle Ben-Shoshan on piano, age 10, daughter of Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan a fellow in Allergy/Immunology at the MUHC; Sarah Andrade on guitar, working in the division of rheumatology at the MGH; Lesley Anne Foster, vocalist, and research assistant in lupus studies; and the I Medici McGill String Quartet with Angela An, violinist and pursuing her residency training in Ophthalmology at the MUHC, Kirsten Niles, who plays violin and viola and is in her 6th year of her MD/PhD in genetics at McGill University, Francesca Pittau, cellist and Visiting Scholar at the Montreal Neurological Institute, and Florin Amzica, violinist and professor of neurosciences at l’Université de Montreal. 

    Michele Tobaly, the event organiser, is pleased with this second edition of the Midi Musical and says that both years were a success. “It’s wonderful to see a big crowd and support from the hospital staff, friends and family,” beams Michele. 

    Lupus is an auto-immune disease that can affect 1 in 2000 Canadians, mostly women in the child-bearing age. Dr. Ann Clarke, Co-Director of the Lupus and Vasculitis clinic at the MUHC, explains that although most patients do not experience severe symptoms, some patients can have kidney disease, heart attacks or strokes, and some can have their life shortened due to complications coming from lupus. 

    “We have a large number of patients with lupus here; and we have been lucky to be able to do research for lupus for a number of years thanks to their collaboration and to events like today’s,” explains Dr. Christian A. Pineau, a researcher in the RI-MUHC Musculoskeletal Disorders Axis, as well as co-director of the Lupus and Vasculitis clinic at the MUHC. 

    The funds generated by this event give patients something to smile about. Every time patients come to the clinic, there are refreshments waiting for them. Patients also receive a newsletter every 6 months updating them about new research and clinical advances in lupus. Funds raised also allow Dr. Pineau and Dr. Clarke’s team to do research both locally and internationally to improve the care for patients with lupus. 

    Thank you to the Singer Family who started the Singer Family Fund For Lupus Research in 2000 at the MGH to support the world-renown cutting-edge research at the Lupus and Vasculitis clinic at the MUHC. Wendy Singer is a patient at the Lupus Clinic and her parents, Rita and Ronald, have adopted the clinic as their cause. 

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