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A Tribute To Hyman Shoub

By Wendy Singer

January, 2013, MUHC Lupus Clinic Newsletter

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Goodbye lupus, you don't own me anymore

By Wendy Singer

Globe and Mail

January 23th 2012

Addendum to this article: Wendy took rituximab. It works on a subset of patients, but is not for everyone. There are many, many excellent medications out there for lupus, this was just the one that worked for her, and she had a rather rare set of circumstances to deal with. Wendy works very hard at maintaining strength through fitness, yoga, eating well, decreased stress and rest. It all works together. Rituximab is not a cure, she is careful every day and knows lupus can come back any time.

There was also a new drug approved for lupus last summer, the first in 50 years, called Benlysta.

Learning to love laughter

By Wendy Singer

February 13th, 2012

The Montreal Gazette


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